Where to begin…

Well… this is my blog. It’s finally up after a month of attempting to work on it. Except I have had extreme creativity flow issues. >_< It has honestly been brutal. I’m not even sure I am entirely happy with this design. It will have to do for now, I guess.

I’m not entirely sure what I should write here yet. I mean, I have a million ideas in my head all at once. It’s just isolating the one that I would like to focus on and write about. I am a little scatter-brained, I’ll be honest… I am very creative and it all kind of blends together at times. I have so many ideas and desires and ambitions, and they often overflow and overlap. So it makes it seem like I am extremely random, which I will admit that I probably am; but that isn’t the point.

I am going to attempt to use this blog fairly often as both an outlet for ramblings as well as my other, more traditional, and non-traditional art. Sort of a collective mish-mash. I kind of feel like it will be a very good look into the illogically random brain that I have.

We’ll see where it takes me. Everything is a grand adventure. Don’t close your eyes, you might miss the best adventure of your life!



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